Audi TT RS comes more expensive than a Porsche Cayman

09/15/2016 14:08:11
Audi TT RS comes more expensive than a Porsche Cayman
The legendary Audi TT RS is back on track, and with its 395 bhp and an R8 engine or a TTS, it fairly wins the name of a best car

The legendary Audi TT RS is back on track, with a 395 bhp and an R8 engine or a TTS, it depends on what the buyer would choose, it fairly wins the name of a car beast. The new TT RS goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, and it could be one of the greatest bang-for-your-buck road cars on sale today.



This Audi is 26kg lighter than the previous version, and has a  . Of course the car has much to offer, a stylish look and a fast drive, but as expected, everything has its price, and you'll have to pay for this vehicle a pretty high price. The base price for the car starts at £51,800 and £53,550 for the Roadster. With such a price-tag the new Audi TT becomes a rival for the 350 bhp Porsche Cayman S. That is still not all, the Cayman is priced at £48,834, and that makes it cheaper than our ultimate sports car.



If you think that nobody's gonna buy a TT model when he can buy a Porsche instead would be wrong, since it is much quicker, delivering truly supercar-esque acceleration in either coupe or convertible form. What would you choose? A safe option with the four-cylinder boxer Porsche, or a five-cylinder howl?



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