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    I have never bought a car from an auction before, but this place is Very Easy and I paid like half of blue book. Didn't need a membership or anything, they were really cool! Plus they have ton of cars. I would say I like the way to make deals with auctions! Thanks


    This is my favorite auction. Very well organized whether you are buying or selling. The girls on Chat Live are always very polite and helpful, they do everything I needed and always responded quickly to the phone calls and emails. I attend every week and always have a good mood.


    I hated the auctions before. I didn’t trust them until I met my friend, who told me about Repokar car auction... I tried to access that auction and understood that there is something cool. Now I have my own business. It increases my incoming. Thank you guys!

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    We are an Online Public Auto Auction, which operates nationwide in US. Here you can start to make successful purchases of a new or used vehicle fast and easy or to consign your cars for free and your bids will grow day by day! Win your deals directly online at Auto Auction in Chicago!