Watch Out! A Woman Drives

07/27/2014 14:30:36
Have you ever imagined that there will be more women on the road than men? Taking in consideration the stereotype of “women have no place on the road”, many of us don't realize that women are driving more carefully than men! So let's see the followi

Have you ever imagined that there will be more women on the road than men? Just a while ago it was difficult, but if we notice how many women are studying at Driving schools, you can guess what will be with our future :)

Many men are afraid of women driving, that's why they try to go around the car.

But taking in consideration the stereotype of “women have no place on the road”, many of us don't realize that women are driving more carefully than men!

So let's see the following categories of women drivers:


1. Woman – beginner. This type of driver considers the traffic a fun game and a way to show herself. So, for example, if anybody blinks her with the headlights, many women from this category may think that they are simply liked and this sign demonstrates it. Actually, the sign was given, for example, to warn her to move in the opposite side of the way direction.


2. Women - drivers who know the traffic rules for sure and their movement speed rarely exceeds 70 kilometers per hour. This category of car enthusiasts behaves on the road more quietly. Sometimes the passive traffic and full compliance of the rules brings only benefits to the other participants, but, for example, if it is in a rush hour, one of such patient drivers can arrange a great traffic jam for a long time. After all, on the road needs to be adequately and be ready to respond to any situation: sometimes it is good to drive quietly and perform the maneuvers, but sometimes you should take the initiative and react more quickly.


3. Auto-Barbie. A very dangerous type of women on the street. Only they can fly at a speed of 100 miles/h while looking in the mirror for lipstick. High-heeled shoes may lead to the fact that when it is necessary she will not be able to press the brake pedal. Basically, they have no fear of getting into an accident, because the car was bought by the dad and it is not a problem to make a call and to solve the problem. Remarkably, even after the accident, these girls do not stop to ride in this manner, as it is their way of life.


4. Woman - taxi driver. This category of girls and women can cause chaos on the road. After all, men-taxi drivers are million who violate the traffic rules everywhere, but there are also Women!


So what we can say about our lovely women: Women simply do not have the driving gene, but some of them are exceptions. Let us hope that there are more of these exceptions in our world and for others just in case - take a good insurance!


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