Air Conditioning And Tips For Its Durability

08/03/2014 14:56:08
Air Conditioning And Tips For Its Durability
Find out how to use air conditioning in winter and summer and to extend its term of service. Unlike climate control, air conditioning is a more primitive device, its main task is to cool the air in the cabin. Monitoring the temperature inside the d

Find out how to use air conditioning in winter and summer and to extend its term of service.

Unlike climate control, air conditioning is a more primitive device, its main task is to cool the air in the cabin. Monitoring the temperature inside the driver needs to do it by himself, while climate control does it automatically. Despite this, air conditioner is still a nice bonus in the car, helping the driver and passengers feel comfortable in the summer. In certain countries with hot climates, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, its breaking is like a torture, because the outside temperature often crosses the mark of 50 degrees Celsius. However, like many nice things, air conditioning demands care, as well as compliance with certain conditions.



To switch on the air conditioning you can in summer and also in winter. Moreover, if you want your air conditioner to work longer and regularly, you must also switch it on in winter period! Because with the cooler circulates a special oil which lubricates the compressor and pipes, thereby preventing drying out.

That's why the air conditioner must be on at least once a month.



How to turn on the air conditioner in the winter?


As we know there is no problem to turn it in summer time but how to do this in winter?

One of the options to switch air conditioning on in the winter to do this in garages or closed spaces avoiding cold temperature. Use the heater to warm thoroughly the interior of cabin, and then turn on the air recirculation mode. In this case, the air passing through the radiator will be taken not from the outside, but directly from the heated cabin.


After turning off the air conditioner, which worked in cold whether, do not rush to stop the engine. It needs to take enough time to drive the collected moisture on the evaporator through the drain hole and not to freeze.


Major tips of use :

- before turning on the air conditioning in the warm months, it is desirable to drive 2-3 minutes with the opened windows to gain fresh air into the cabin and cool it a little;

- at temperatures more than 25 degrees Celsius do not direct the cold air to the glass. This will avoid the appearance of microcracks on them due to the temperature difference;

- once a year, it is desirable to change the cabin's filter, through which the outside air enters the machine. We must remember you that if the air conditioner is running an unpleasant smell, it causes not of the filter but of the evaporator.


For better durability of using the air conditioning, take it to the auto services once per year and make a prophylaxis to prevent any undesired problems.  


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